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Created topic  › Container house can realize cost-optimized environment creation

With the limitation of living space, the contradiction between people's requirements for quality of life and space location becomes more intense. As the balance point between the two, the comprehensive demand for

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Created topic  › Features of flat pack container house

Flat pack container house is a modular building product based on a steel frame and lightweight wall panel structure system. The product is composed of a top frame, a bo

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Created topic  › The container house adheres to the low-carbon design concept

In recent years, the use of containers has been particularly common. Therefore, the current cost-effective container manufacturers

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Created topic  › The flat pack container house is very convenient to use

The flat pack container house, a convenient mobile temporary house, provides a lot of convenience for the temporary residence of work

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Created topic  › PTH is Responsible for The Wholesale of Flat Pack Container House

The  flat  pack container house

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Created topic  › Can light steel houses replace traditional houses?

Light gauge steel houses are compared to traditional houses and have their outstanding points:

(1) The production of light st

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Created topic  › The container house system is constantly improving and upgrading

Today, container buildings are no longer satisfied with the existing exterior conditions and have beg

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Created topic  › Modular buildings solve the living difficulties in many areas

Modular buildings have long surpassed their image as a solution to monotonous and low-quality housing shortages. Activities such as the solar decathlon competition have made developers thin

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Created topic  › Dust and paint the flat pack container house every one to two years

People live in flat pack container houses. These flat pack container houses are made of light steel frames and have a low cost. They

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Created topic  › Residential container mobile houses are deeply loved by people

Residential container mobile houses are deeply loved by people all over the world, but the development in China is still in the past ten years. Container

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Created topic  › Advantages of steel structure building

What are the advantages of steel structure buildings?

1. Replace traditional red bri

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Created topic  › What requirements do waterproof materials need to meet?

Container mobile houses are generally made of iron, and if iron is not handled properly, water leakage will inevitably occur. Therefore,

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Created topic  › PTH container houses are very popular

For the quality of the mobile house, it also has its own many aspects to decide. If there is an error in one aspect, it will affect t

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Created topic  › Briefly introduce the working principle of the laminating machine

The working principle of the laminating machine

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Created topic  › Beautiful appearance of steel structure house

Steel structure buildings ar

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Created topic  › Double-C structure is light weight, high strength, fast installation

The Double-C structure house, with many national patent awards, is a brand-new house system developed by

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Created topic  › Container school refresh your imagination of containers

The container school

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Created topic  › Removable and reusable mobile room

There are many advantages of the mobile house, such as high practicability, good cost performance, and strong flexibility. These advantages are all we need

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Created topic  › Exquisite container houses around the world

It sounds magical and fashionable to use exquisite container houses frequently appearing all over the

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Created topic  › Steel structure warehouses are widely used

Platform steel structure is widely used, such as

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Created topic  › A light steel structure house coffee shop

One day, due to business trip. When returning in the afternoon, I was exhausted. Driving on the road with a deep sense of fatigue, I accidentally stopped the car involuntarily. It is a cafe, it seems to use the popular

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