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Created topic  › Chronic Prostatitis Makes You Awake All Night, What to Do?

Several patients with prostatitis are saying that they are incapable of sleeping because of recurrent illness and men

«  5 days ago
Created topic  › Impact of Nutritional Principles in Patients with Cystitis Glandularis

Cystitis glandularis often comes

«  8 days ago
Created topic  › Amazing! Your Urine status Can Reflect Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is an extremely frequent disease in men. Physicians point out the incidence of chronic prostatitis

«  14 days ago
Created topic  › Does Necrospermia Mean 100% Infertility?

Although it is said that the process from pregnancy to childbirth is always carried out by women, in fact, at the first conception, women can't become pregnant without the participation of men. Some couples have always wanted a baby, but the man has found out necrospermia. 


«  26 days ago
Created topic  › What are The 5 Warning Signs of Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a standard male disease in daily life. Once it takes place, it will result in a variety of effects, so

«  2021-11-08
Created topic  › What are The 5 Warning Signs of Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a standard male disease in daily life. Once it takes place, it will result in a variety of effects, so

«  2021-11-08
Created topic  › Does Epididymitis Induce Early Climax?

Epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis in men. The epididymis is an important se

«  2021-10-11
Created topic  › How Can Chronic Prostatitis Trigger Erection Problems?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the failure of the penis to consistently get or maintain sufficient penile erection to attain positive sex for at least a few months. It belongs to the class of "erection problems" and "early climax" of Traditional Chinese treatment.

«  2021-10-09
Created topic  › Get Rid of Three Wrong Idea of Chronic Prostatitis Treatment

Prostatitis is a common and frequently-taking place disease in andrology, most of which are chronic. Whenever you believe that you just have prostatitis, execute a verify in time.

«  2021-09-02
Created topic  › Get A Faster Prostatitis Recovery

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in males. Many people still have symptoms after treatment. So, how to get a quick recovery?

1. Avoid spicy and stimulating food

«  2021-05-05
Created topic  › How Water Affect Your Cystitis?

Cystitis always damage the health of men, but some people tend not to take note of the harm of cystitis, primarily because th

«  2021-04-16
Created topic  › Physical Therapist Management of Chronic Prostatitis

Absence of exercise is one of the most severe life-style for men these days. Based on data evaluation, the cardiopulmonary functionality of many younger people old 30-40 is even worse than that of the middle-aged and older grownups old 50-60. A lot of diseases that are easy to seem in middle and

«  2021-04-13
Created topic  › Holding Your Pee: Can It Cause Cystitis? Issue -Have you hold back your pee for a long time?

You are occasionally active completing function duties while you believe you have to go to the bathroom. However, you usually make a little selection to call back the type when you complete the job d

«  2021-04-07
Created topic  › Is It Necessary for Epididymitis Sufferers to Choose Surgery?

Epididymitis is one of the most typical male reproductive diseases. If males disr

«  2021-04-06
Created topic  › Antibiotics Are Not Suitable for All People with Chronic Epididymitis

Lately, a report shows: A man was misdiagnosed as chronic epididymitis and lastly required to take away testicles. Needless to say, news reports had created a wake-up get in touch with for many males who are constantly affected by chronic epididymitis. In many situations, anti-biotic treatment ar

«  2021-04-02
Created topic  › Can Chronic Prostatitis Cause Repeated Urination and Insomnia? Why?

Chronic prostatitis is a complicated disease. Many individuals will look recurrent urination symptoms, and several indi

«  2021-03-01
Created topic  › Tips For Preventing Orchitis -A Good Mood Also Helps

Orchitis can bring about the inability to conceive. As the testis is an important organ for producing semen

«  2021-02-19
Created topic  › How To Prevent Chronic Prostatitis In Daily Life?

At present, men are facing massive tension linked to both life and occupation. They are frequently too busy to cherish their particular body fitness, and thus building a great deal of improper habits.

«  2021-02-18
Created topic  › The Associations of Sitting Time on Prostatitis

Physicians explain that sitting for too long periods of time puts strain about the prostate gland, causing very poor the circulation of blood. The harmful substances in the prostate cells simply cannot be dismissed in time, and the prostate gland duct is fairly lean, even though the secretion fun

«  2021-01-29
Created topic  › Should Patients with Prostatitis Avoid Sexual Intercourse?

Prostatitis is a common male disease. In rare cases, prostatitis is the effect of a sexually transferred infection (ST

«  2021-01-26
Created topic  › Blood in Semen and Seminal Vesiculitis

Seminal vesiculitis is closely relevant to prostatitis, often comes about in succession or a

«  2021-01-23
Created topic  › Four Factors Causing Epididymitis Need Your Attention

Epididymitis is a typical disease in males. It is often seen in younger and midsection-aged

«  2021-01-21
Created topic  › What is Lift Anus Exercise for Prostatitis?

Lift anus exercise means the normal lifting in the rectum, and then relax. Weightlifting and loosening may be the rectal picking up movements. Anal raising exercise can increase nearby circulation of blood, increase anal sphincter functionality, preventing anal relaxing, which effectively helps p

«  2021-01-18
Created topic  › Prostatitis: 3 Essential Things You Should Know

In line with the most up-to-date review from the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, only 15% of individuals who responded experienced listened to of prostatitis. Acutally, each time a man experiences ache in the kidney, groin, pelvis, rectum, testicle, prostate place, genital area or as he

«  2021-01-13
Created topic  › Analysis Sperm Color And Its Motility

The standard look of sperm color is uniform milky white, showing semi-substance water. If the semen is located being crystal clear and translucent, it indicates azoospermia or oligospermia. If the looks of semen is identified to be 100 % pure white-colored, it can be due to great sperm attention

«  2021-01-11
Created topic  › Exercise and Diet For Seminal Vesiculitis Prevention

Seminal vesiculitis is often seen in andrology, which in turn shows up with prostatitis. It can cause many ma

«  2021-01-07
Created topic  › Natural Vitamins and Chronic Prostatitis

In accordance with the overall health organization, men's sperm is 50 % accountable for the inability to conceive. Male the inability to conceive is usually connected with limited or non-active semen. 


«  2021-01-04
Created topic  › Cold Weather Causing Prostatitis Recur?

Prostatitis is a significant danger for the well being of males, and their issue in winter season can

«  2020-12-30
Created topic  › Epididymitis Affects Sperm in Three Aspects

Epididymitis is a very common guy sickness, which is more widespread in fresh and middle-aged individuals. I

«  2020-12-14
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