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Created topic  › The Spiritual Performances For Muslims


«  2021-12-03
Created topic  › The spiritual represent the Muslims


«  2021-12-02


The Khyber battle took place between Muslims and Jewish.

«  2021-11-30
Created topic  › Is Organ Contribution Important in Religion Islam


It is not restricted in Islam to donate your body organ. It is important to match your tissues as well as cells with the receiver before donating the organ. Always try to consult with your d

«  2021-11-29
Created topic  › Umrah the means of Obtainging Incentives

Umrah is the right way for the expiration of the previous sins. It is difficult to perform Hajj for everybody as it costs much. Get a reward for Umrah pilgrimage equivalent to Hajj in Ramadan. In this holy month, we receive bounties of Umrah equal to Hajj. Approach the sacred city of Makkah wear

«  2021-11-26
Created topic  › Hajj E Badal Definition for the Entire Muslim Country

Hajj is the holy pilgrimage that is compulsory on every financially fit Muslim. Some Muslims brothers also perform Hajj for the sake of their family members. As they cannot perform Hajj due to some disease or due to anility. The Hajj performer is known as Mahnoor. While for which person’s sake Ha

«  2021-11-25
Created topic  › Forgiveness Success Hearts

Allah likes people who forgive the mistakes of others and show tolerance. Islam is the religion of peace and it does not permit anyone to be rude with others. When you do not deal politely with others and do not forgive their misdoings, you cannot win their hearts. 


«  2021-11-24
Created topic  › Mercy Win Hearts

Prophet Muhammad showed his mercy upon all the creatures and all know that he has a good name in the whole world. It is only due to the love and mercy of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad won the hearts of animals and other creatures due to his mercy. 


«  2021-11-23
Created topic  › A Beam of Light

Islam is the religion of peace and is the name of worshipping Allah Almighty who is the only Creator of this universe. Allah Almighty does not allow anyone to do sins. Most of the Muslims waste their time in useless activities but they are required to perform meaningful tasks.


«  2021-11-22
Created topic  › A RAY OF LIGHT

Allah Almighty waits for the people to come to Him and to ask for His help. He helps His creatures in different ways and is Merciful. He forgives the sins of people on due to their minor good habits and worships. A Muslim must spend time the remembrance of Allah Almighty. 


«  2021-11-19
Created topic  › Ways of dealing with misfortunes as well as loss

We face many fluctuations in this complicated life. Some moments make us happy. While some problems also feel us grief. We should remember that this problem or test is from Allah for our good. Each trouble or test also brings us a reward at its end. Allah loves his believers more than the 70 moms

«  2021-11-17
Created topic  › Signs and Symptoms of weak Confidence

All those activities that take us away from Allah Almighty indicate our weak confidence. A Muslim must have strong faith in Allah Almighty and must stand on the right path even in the difficult time. Performing all the worships and acting upon Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad makes our faith strong. 

«  2021-11-16
Created topic  › Signs of the weak Belief

Weak belief means a person is unable to pass the test of Allah Almighty. People who do not pay thanks to Allah Almighty for everything and do not perform Zikr are considered to be people with weak faith. A person with strong belief, obeys the orders of Allah and His Rasool and offers prayers five

«  2021-11-15
Created topic  › Parts of Advice before you leave for Umrah

Plan your whole Umrah trip before you leave for Umrah. Try to be polite with everyone and try to make everyone happy. Plan your Umrah with the intention that it is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and show your love with Prophet Muhammad.

«  2021-11-11
Created topic  › Significance of Umrah in Ramadan

Doing Zikr and observing fasts is the best way to get closeness of Allah Almighty. Ramadan is the most sacred month amongst all the twelve months. Muslims perform different worships in this sacred month to collect more and more blessings. 

«  2021-11-09
Created topic  › Importance of Umrah in Ramadan

All those Muslims who are unable to perform Hajj due to financial issues should book Ramadan Umrah packages to get reward equal to that of Hajj. It is the best chance to get rid of the past sins and to make yourself spiritually strong. Try to perform Umrah during the last ten days of Ramadan as t

«  2021-11-08
Created topic  › How to pay Zakat in Islam?

Muslims pay Zakat to make their earnings halal. Islam has introduced Zakat system to keep equality among all the people of society. Muslims need to pay 2.5% Zakat from their total earnings and savings. If wealth amount is less than nisab, then Zakat will not be compulsory.

«  2021-11-03
Created topic  › How Islam Is Various from Various Other Religions?

Islam is different from other religions as Prophet Muhammad (the beloved prophet) preached it and Allah chose it as the religion for Muslims. It is based upon the facts and provides the proof of existence of Allah Almighty. It helps Muslims prepare themselves for the D

«  2021-11-02
Created topic  › Benefits of Umrah during the Month of Ramadan

Every Muslim dreams to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan as it provides reward equal to that of Hajj. Those who miss their Hajj or could not perform it due to the lack of expenses can perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan. Performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan provides more rewards than in

«  2021-11-01
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