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Created topic  › PCB Design Program

The reason PCBs are called single-sided is because the simplest PCBs have parts on one side and wires on the other. This is because the wires only appear on one side. Multilayer boards with multiple layers o

«  2022-08-15
Created topic  › PCB packaging skills

In this article, FS Technology will explain in detail the types of PCB components and different types of packaging techniques, hopi

«  2022-08-09
Created topic  › MPC 1000 top PCB board for F1 button control

For FS Technology, many people may not know, we can provide custom PCB manufacturing, that is to say, as long as you provide your nee

«  2022-08-09
Created topic  › What types of flexible circuit boards are there?

Abstract: FPC PCB, also known as flexible pcb, or flex pcb, is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrates. Flexible circuits provide excellent

«  2022-07-06
Created topic  › PCB Repair Tips - FS Technology

Many people do not know much about the maintenance of circuit boards. Next, FS Technology will explain the maintenance skills of PCBs.

«  2022-06-27
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