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Created topic  › Volkswagen will Introduce its Rival Hyundai Creta

The German corporation has announced the debut of a new compact crossover, which will be held in India on February 3, 2 days before the opening of the auto exhibition Auto Expo. A teaser of the new model was published on the pages of the Indian division of the brand in social networks.
 The c

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Created topic  › How Apple Watch improves in Swimming (distances and calories)

Since the second generation of Apple Watch, Apple has made its connected watch waterproof to 50 meters. It is really very appreciated for a connected watch because you can take it everywhere, including to the swimming pool for a swimming session.

Through its

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Created topic  › Eco-design and Packaging for Environmental Approach and Imperatives

The containers shall meet, at the design , to a multiplicity of functions (marketing, practicality, logistics, etc.) that their s are requested. In addition to these, taking into account the environment has become one of the major constraints in the evolution of this sector.

The packagin

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