Noone needs to OSRS gold

By bestrsgoldfast at 2020-03-24 • 0 collector • 298 pageviews

That's your own fault. Folks there days are children that are sheltered that are bloody. It really does show. Noone needs to OSRS gold hazard anything but want every benefit. Life is currently gon na bite on yall hard.

I am maxed and I don't think this is a good change. I spend most of my time at ToB these days so I will be affected as a few, but I really do enjoy doing boss slayer tasks every now and then like Bandos or Cerberus. This passing mechanic stuff just makes me feel as its pointless to perform any content other than raids in which you earn less money and have a chance of dying due to laggy servers and on top of that you need to pay to get your expensive equipment returned. My favourite boss once I was getting into bossing was Zulrah, after taking a look at the suggested fees for deaths in that boss today, I likely wouldn't have even tried to get it done.

Runescape is a grind. Always has been and always should be. And there should be risk versus reward. There's huge rewards and minimal risk more or less everywhere. And if you read the entire blog you'd observe the fee's aren't even that egregious, they are very well balanced - For instance someone in 1.5b equipment having to cover the max 500k is not going to trusted old school runescape gold detect it like a newbie in 500k gear paying 10k. Like having involvement awards in 12, having no passing punishment is. There is no push or motivation to be the very best as you'll be rewarded anyhow. What is a game without a challenge.

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