What are the characteristics of a high-quality air compressor?

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Spraying machine manufacturers to introduce the main characteristics of spraying machine.

1. High construction efficiency-airless paint sprayer construction, the efficiency is about 10 times that of traditional manual roller brush.

2. The wall surface coating is uniform, smooth and good in texture-the coating is atomized into fine particles under high pressure and evenly distributed on the wall surface to form a smooth, smooth and compact coating on the wall surface, thus obtaining high-quality wall surface coating quality unmatched by traditional methods such as brushing.

3. The coating has strong adhesion and prolongs the service life of the coating-the coating particles penetrate into the wall under the action of high pressure, thus enhancing the mechanical biting force between the coating particles and the wall, making the coating denser and the service life of the coating longer.

4. High utilization rate of coating-Compared with brush coating and roller coating, airless spraying does not need dip coating during field construction, does not leak first, and avoids coating waste. What is more different from the traditional air spraying is that airless spraying is to atomize the coating instead of atomizing the air, so it will not cause the coating to scatter everywhere, polluting the environment and causing waste.

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