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My story as a student - How Zolpidem sleeping pills treated my mental health?

By buyukmeds at 2022-11-15 • 0 collector • 79 pageviews

My story as a student - How Zolpidem sleeping pills treated my mental health.jpg

By growing day by day, i realize that my life is going towards a very serious phase. I am entering into an age group which has a lot of responsibilities to take, and lots of pressure to face. From the start, i came to know that this age of 20+ is going to be the most adventurous. In this, you will face no. of new people, no. of new experiences and no. of new obstacles. Along with all that you will also came in contact of various mental and physical health problems. 

The same goes for me. I am a student and just completed my 25 years of life. Basically i am now in a struggling period. I am preparing for the compititive exams to get a job. After completing my graduation i decided to take a break and explore my destiny. But i never knew that i have to face sleeping problems in my life ever. Yes, i am one of those who are facing the problem of insomnia. But luckily zolpidem sleeping pills helped me alot to fight with insomnia. 

So my sleeping problems started back when i just started giving some tries to bunch of exams. I studied alot  and normally i preferred to study at night. I thought at night there is calm and peace environment. That peace and calmness helped me to concentrate on my studies properly. But i didn't know that it also developing a new problem in myself. After 2 or 3 months i realized that my sleep is lost somewhere. I was not able to sleep even when i tried to. I hardly sleep for 3-4 hours in whole day. This stood me in shock. 

Then i shared my sleeping problem with my parents. My parents are doctors by themselves. They suggested me to consult a psychiatrist. I approached a psychiatrist, specialist of sleep problems. He did a bunch of tests and examined me properly. He firstly suggested me to take some therapy sessions. He told me that in case it don't work, then he will prescribed me zolpidem sleeping pills. I went for atleast 6-8 therapy sessions but the results were not promising. So as he suggested me that he will prescribed me with zolpidem sleeping pills, he did the same. 

The doctor suggested me to take zolpidem sleeping pills every night just before going to bed. I took the zolpidem sleeping pills for 6 months and i felt much better. My doctor suggested me to take it for a year. And after a year he reduced the dosage of zolpidem sleeping pills. And then within 2 years i completely overcome my sleeping problems. It helped me like a miracle. It reestablish my sleeping pattern and helped me to sleep for 7-8 hours in a day. 

Zolpidem sleeping pills are quite useful. Its proper use is really beneficial for your sleeping problems like insomnia. If you are also looking for a medication treatment for your sleeping problem insomnia, zolpidem sleeping pills are the best. I personally suggested everyone to take it properly as prescribed. It gives me my hope back yo study hard and achieve my goal in life. It helps me to stay motivated and concentrate on my studies properly with having proper sleep also.

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