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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Gets An Extension; Manan Joshi To Return To The Show

By kittefaqsey at 2022-08-04 • 0 collector • 136 pageviews

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Full Episode

 Star Plus show 'Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey' has been in the news attributable to the reports about the show being cut out. In the midst of this, the producers have chosen to brighten up the story, with the passage of another lead. Entertainer Ankit Bathla has now entered the show while Anubhav's (tried by Manan Joshi) track in the show is placed on a hold.

 Presently as indicated by the most recent reports, the show is going behind closed doors however there is a trick to the story. Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey which was scheduled to go behind closed doors in the main seven day stretch of August has an expansion. Indeed, you read that right!

 Charu requests that she hang tight for multi week, its his order. She says I m not your bahu to submit to you. Sargam says we have our feelings and recollections with this house, we can't sell this house. Chandru says we live in this house and this house lives in us, how might we sell it. Divya says we really want time to organize cash. Sargam says we battled Anu for the good of you, you ought to be embarrassed that you are acting like this. Golu says regard us basically seeing the period of seniors. She says I regard the individuals who regard me, I realize you battled Anu for the good of I, yet you didn't remove him, you allowed him a subsequent opportunity, would you allow me a subsequent opportunity on the off chance that I did this error, certain individuals concealed his deeds. Golu yells shut up, quit expressing awful about him.

 He requests that she consider mankind in any event. She gives them the papers and requests that they sign on it. Golu actually looks at the papers. He says she needs Anu's 10 lakhs reward cash. Chandru says you fell in our sight completely. She inquires as to why, I only requested my significant other's cash, I have a right on it. Golu says no, he got that cash prior to wedding you, he gave it to Charu, Charu made FD for Anu and Sargam. She says believe its pay that Anu intellectually tormented me. He says you have no right on that cash, you will not get it. She says I realized you will say this, I know to take my freedoms, I can record a case on Sargam, I need to say that Sargam torments me, so I need to take off from this house, the family will lose regard and you will go to prison. She requests that they sign.


 Gungun visited Radha to cover her and her girl, Bina, story to rouse different young ladies. Gungun gave Radha the magazine in the cover page of which her photograph was printed. Later Radha enlightened Bina and Anubhav concerning Gungun wishing to take Bina's meeting.

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Watch Online

 Anubhav got blazes of his past with Gungun on seeing her image on the cover page of the magazine. Radha met the top of their region to examine about Bina's marriage. He requested that she get Bina and Anubhav wedded since the entire finding gossping about their relationship.

 Armaan welcomed Gungun for supper. Gungun denied. Armaan said that Anubhav wouldn't blissful seeing Gungun miserable. Gungun acknowledged his greeting. Later Gungun gained from Bina that she had found Madhav oblivious while she went for fishing and he lost his memory.

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