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What are Vape's Newest Features?

By ryanazim at 2022-07-29 • 0 collector • 115 pageviews

Whether you’re a pro vaper or recently started vaping, you must be concerned about upgrading your vape device. If you’re happy with the one you’re already using, you might not feel the need to renew your vape. Regarding this, all vapes are customisable except for Elf bar, as you can’t modify them. The e-liquid is also considered a major element while including features of vapes.


Your first vape could probably be a small device such as a vape pen or pod system. Vape pen devices are suitable for beginner vapers since they are small and simple. Once you begin vaping, you would like to improve your vaping experience. To make your vaping better, you need to have the latest features on your device. Vape mods are modernised to provide the newest qualities.


So let’s look into what mods are and the distinguishing attributes which make them stand out from the other vapes.

Vape Mod Systems:

Vape Mods are modifiable, box-like devices that use sub-ohm technology to give vapers great vapour. They rely on a fire button that must be depressed by the user to make contact between the firing coil and the battery atomiser. The connection quickly heats the vape mod up. Vape mods are much larger than vape pens. Rather than having a start button, most of the disposable vapes like Elf bar 600 are draw-activated.


You would love to look for advanced features in vapes that could not only help you stick to vaping but also make it even more exciting. A mod system's major parts can be easily customised and replaced. Other features are mentioned below:

Advance Wattage Adjustments:

Unlike other vapes that provide the usual option of wattage management. Vape modes include low, medium and high switches that amaze the pro vapers available at the online Puff bar. The wattage plays a significant role in vape cloud production. If you want to generate more vapour, then you need sub-ohm coils. However, disposable kits don’t provide any liberty of configuring wattage adjustment.


Since sub-ohm coils have low resistance, these provide big-size clouds and increase the number of vapours created. With mods, you can have the desired wattage by setting the number to exactly what you want. So having a fully customised device enables you to enjoy higher intensity vapour and impress others. As mods use sub-ohm coils, they make the e-liquid consumption quicker.

Automatic Preheating Coil:

Do you find that it takes a few puffs before it creates a satisfactory vapour? The coil's heavy mass can make it use some time to work at peak efficiency if you use a tank with a larger coil.


Mod vapes are modern products that can easily provide room to huge coils and utilise them in the best possible way. They deliver the powerful wattage required to heat up the massive wicks so that they get substantial heat for consumption. It is essential for timely delivery of the vapour since this warms up the e-liquid faster.


After switching from smoking to vaping, like other vapers, you would look to make your experience with vapes better. In order to do that, you need to have a device with the latest features. Since having a product with innovative characteristics won’t let you get bored of vaping, in fact, make it more exciting. So you can consider the upgrade features mentioned above that will help you elevate your vape game.

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