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What's next following your Completionist cape?

By letitiawilkinson at 2022-07-27 • 0 collector • 161 pageviews

Have you ever been thinking about the ending of the RuneScape game? What will happen if you will complete all quests and tasks of the game and will reach the top of your abilities? Sure, you'll be proud of OSRS gold  your achievements. But what is the reward RuneScape can you get for this achievement?

You will be rewarded with a red completionist cape and this cape is the finest cape to wear. If you won't be happy with the red hue you'll be able modify the Completionist cape a little. The main colour of the cape will remain red, however, you can change the shade to brighter or darker.

It is possible to purchase this amazing cape in the upper floor of the Varrock Museum for 5.000.000 RS gold. The most interesting thing is when you try to get a hold of the Completionist cape you will be transformed into an animal. This is an awesome prank isn't it? But you don't have to be concerned - this will not be a problem if you can meet all the requirements to be eligible for the cape.

What's next following your Completionist cape? In the end, you'll receive more quests and tasks. There will be some more prerequisites and you'll be able to obtain this cape. Trimmed Completionist cape.

For a slimmer version of a cape it is necessary to complete several miniquests. You will also need to do a lot of specific kills, discover hidden treasures, gain the new rewards, and many more. The requirements for the Trimmed Completionist cape can easily be found on the internet.

Each cape comes with its distinct advantages, of course. In my opinion, the most appealing thing about this cape is the fact that you can display to other players your achievements. As you walk around the RuneScape world with this cape you'll be sure that everyone will respect you.

Are you ready for The Completionist cape? Best of luck!

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