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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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Because the NFC East was drunk last season, the Eagles somehow enter2020as defending division champions. That means the Eagles' Dave Hollins Jersey  2020 schedule is a first-place slate, though based on NFL strength of schedule rankings for 2020, all four NFC East teams rank near the bottom of the league in terms of difficulty.

Philadelphia in 2020 will have a strong chance to improve upon its 9-7 record from last season. Of course, the same can be said for the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins. As always, the schedules of teams in the NFC East are cluttered with tough divisional matchup after tough divisional matchup.

Outside of the division, the Eagles' 2020 schedule features some tricky games against first-place teams from a season ago, including another trip to Green Bay.  Pete Rose Jersey The good news for fans in Philadelphia is the list of intriguing, non-divisional quarterbacks whowill visit The Linc in 2020: Lamar Jackson, Ru sell Wilson, Drew Brees, Joe Burrow and Jared Goff.

Here is a complete breakdown of the Philadelphia Eagles 2020 schedule, including dates and start times for all 16 games and our early prediction.


Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020

Here is the full schedule for the Eagles in 2020:

Week Date Opponent Kickoff time TV 1Sept. [email protected] p.m.-2Sept. 20Rams1 p.m.-3Sept. 27Bengals1 p.m.-4Oct. [email protected]:20 p.m.NBC5Oct. [email protected] p.m.-6Oct. 18Ravens1 p.m.-7Oct. 22Giants8:20 p.m.NFL Network8Nov. 1Cowboys8:20  Mike Schmidt Jersey p.m.NBC9-BYE--10Nov. [email protected] p.m.-11Nov. [email protected] p.m.-12Nov. 30Seahawks8:15 p.m.ESPN13Dec. [email protected]:25 p.m.-14Dec. 13Saints4:25 p.m.-15Dec. [email protected]:05 p.m.-16Dec. [email protected]:25 p.m.-17Jan 3Redskins1 p.m.-

(For Canadian viewers, each game can be streamed on .)


Eagles strength of schedule

Based on opponents' records from last season, the Eagles (and the rest of the NFC East) have a relatively light schedule. Philadelphia's 2020 opponents went a collective 124-131-1 (.486) last season, placing the Eagles at No. 25 in terms of strength of schedule.

Of course, that doesn't account for the league-wide changes in free agency and the 2020 NFL Draft. Several Zack Wheeler Jersey  of the Eagles' 2020 opponents  looking at you, Cardinals, Browns, Bengals, Steelers, Giants and Redskins  will have strong chances to improve upon their 2019 records.

Toughest tests  : The Eagles' road games against the Packers, Steelers and 49ers figure to be particularly tough, especially with the long road trip to San Francisco. Philadelphia has to play five teams that made the Nick Pivetta Jersey  playoffs last year, not including the Steelers, Rams and Cowboys who barely mi sed the postseason.

Biggest breaks  : The Ravens, Saints, Seahawks and Rams present the Eagles some of their toughest tests, but at least Philly draws those opponents at home. Depending on how quickly Burrow develops as a rookie, the Bengals might end up being a tough out, too. In theory, road games in Arizona and Cleveland will be winnable for Philadelphia.

Bottom line  : Of the nine NFC teams on the Eagles' schedule, one could argue five of them enter the 2020 season with better chances to earn the NFC's top playoff seed. If the Eagles indeed rise to No. 1 Clay Buchholz Jersey  in the conference and get what's now the only bye position in the postseason, they will have earned it.

Record prediction  : 8-8

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