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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

By seestyle at 2022-07-25 • 0 collector • 119 pageviews

Could Peyton Manning's next job bewith the Jets?

According to , "rumors are flyingwithin league circles" that New York may target the future Hall of Fame quarterback for a Matt Szczur Jersey  management position.

Manning has ties with coach Adam Gase, who served as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator while Manning played for the Broncos. Manning has been connected to several NFL-related positions Tyson Ross Jersey  since heretired as a player in 2016 after 17seasons in the league.

"There's no doubt it's been a transition," Manning said about retirement in2017, per the. "It's been welcomed and something I've really enjoyed."

Luis Torrens Jersey The report comes after the Jetsrelieved general managerMike Maccagnan of his duties earlier this week and namedGaseas interim until they find someone to fillthe position.

The move came as a surprise becauseMaccagnan,who had two years left on his contract, Miguel Diaz Jersey  was in charge of handling draft decisions andall of the offseason signings, including draftingquarterback Sam Darnold last year and securingrunning back Le'Veon Bell in free agency.

reported after Maccagnan's firing that Gase"absolutely did not want to sign" Bell  Tony Gwynn Jersey to a big-money contract and he didn't want to spend a lot of money on a running back, which ultimately led to a rift between the coach andMaccagnan.

It still remains to be seen if Manning would be interested in a front-office position Anderson Espinoza Jersey  with the Jets, but it appears the interest from New York is certainly there.

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