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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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The NFL is reaching the final stretch of the season, with just six more weeks of regular-season action remaining, and several contenders will fight with high stakes  Bobby Doerr Jersey on the line.

The Bengals continue to make a push in the AFC, both in the hunt for the North and for a wild card, after a thumping of the rival Steelers. On Sunday, they face the Chargers, who have lost four of their last six games and now find themselves needing to fight to re-emerge back in the playoff picture. The Buccaneers will have a chance to Joe Kelly Jersey  add to their division lead over the Falcons when the two clash in Atlanta.

In the afternoon slot, the Steelers will hope to turn things around in another AFC North battle against the Ravens, who are clinging to a one-game edge over Cincinnati after beating the Browns last Sunday.

The "Monday Night Football" matchup has perhaps the most enticing game of the week. The Bills will host the surging Patriots, who have won six straight to claim first place in the AFC East. Collin McHugh Jersey

Sporting News has you covered for everything you need to watchWeek 13 of the season.


NFL schedule this week: Week 13 TV coverage

Here's the full schedule for Week 13 of the NFL season, plus final scores and how to watch every game live.

Note: national broadcasts are listed in bold

Thursday, Dec. 2GameTime (ET)TV ChannelCowboys at Saints8:20 p.m.Fox, NFL Network, Sunday, Dec. 5GameTime (ET)ChannelBuccaneers at Falcons1:00 p.m.Fox, Cardinals at Bears1:00 p.m.Fox, Chargers at Bengals1:00 p.m.CBS, Vikings at Lions1:00 p.m.CBS, Giants at Dolphins1: Eduardo Rodriguez Jersey 00 p.m.Fox, Eagles at Jets1:00 p.m.CBS, Colts at Texans1:00 p.m.CBS, Washington at Raiders4:05 p.m.Fox, Jaguars at Rams4:05 p.m.Fox, Ravens at Steelers4:25 p.m.CBS, 49ers at Seahawks4:25 p.m.CBS, Broncos at Chiefs8:20 p.m.NBC, Monday, Dec. 6GameTime (ET)ChannelPatriots at Bills8:15 p.m.ESPN, How to  Rafael Devers Jersey watch NFL games in Week 13

The NFL will have three prime time games with matchups slated for Thursday, Sunday and Monday. The Cowboys and Saints occupied the "Thursday Night Football" slot, while the Broncos will travel to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Chiefs on "Sunday Night Football." Then, it will be a matchup of the top two teams in the AFC East between the Patriots and Bills on "Monday Night Football."

The rest of the slate will be aired either on CBS or FOX. Check your local listings to see which games will be on your broadcast.

Canadian viewers can find the games on TSN, CTV and CTV2.

NFL scores Week 13Thursday, Dec. 2GameScoreCowboys at Saints--Sunday, Dec. 5GameScoreBuccaneers at Falcons--Cardinals at Bears--Chargers at Bengals--Vikings at Lions--Giants  Craig Kimbrel Jersey at Dolphins--Eagles at Jets--Colts at Texans--Washington at Raiders--Jaguars at Rams--Ravens at Steelers--49ers at Seahawks--Broncos at Chiefs--Monday, Dec. 6GameScorePatriots at Bills--

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