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Top 5 voip providers uk

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How does voice VLAN work?

To prioritize voice streams, they must first be identified. The Business VoIP VLAN can identify the voice data stream in two ways: one is by determining the source MAC address of the received packet (MAC address-based mode), and the other is by identifying the VLAN tag of the received packet (VLAN-based mode).

In the MAC address-based mode, the network switch can determine whether the data stream is a voice data stream according to the source MAC address field in the data packet arriving at its interface. As shown in the following figure, after the switch receives the data packet sent by the PC and the IP phone, it performs the following processing: if the source MAC address matches the OUI (organization unique identifier) configured on the switch, the VLAN voice tag is added to the packet And increased the priority of the packet. If the source MAC address does not match the OUI, the VLAN PVID tag will be added to the packet and the packet will not be sent first.

In Ethernet VLAN mode, the switch determines whether a data packet is a voice data packet based on the VLAN ID of the data packet entering the interface. As shown in the figure below, the IP phone first sends a data packet to the network switch. The switch then adds the voice VLAN information to the appropriate s fields, receives the data packet, and sends it back. After receiving the voice VLAN information, the IP phone sends the tagged voice message again. If the tag matches the voice VLAN configured on the switch, the switch forwards the packet priority. Thus, when network congestion occurs, the switch can provide priority voice messaging.

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