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The Scope Of Use Of The Medical Vending Machine

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I accidentally saw a lot of Medical Vending Machines in the hospital, and I thought it was quite convenient. Coupled with the popularity of smartphones, many people may have basically no cash on hand. In this case, it is very fast to have a medical intelligent vending machine, but many people will There are doubts, mainly because of how the medical vending machine entered the hospital. Are there conditions?

Generally, if someone is hospitalized and needs to buy something, they need to go outside the hospital to buy something, and the place will be relatively remote. At that time, it would be more convenient to find vending machine products in the hospital lobby.

Of course, we are not talking about ordinary vending machines, but special vending machines for hospital consumables, which are not products such as beverages and snacks, but some medical consumables.Place hospital consumables products basically in places with relatively large traffic, such as places to queue up for medicines, places to register and so on.

However, vending machines that can sell medical consumables are different from ordinary vending opportunities. Medical consumables vending machines can sell one or two types of consumables, hygiene and derivative products, special dietary products, etc., which can meet the needs of outpatient, maternity, It is used in skin, emergency, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, surgery, oral cavity, ENT and other departments and inpatient obstetrics and other departments.

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