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Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12

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The episode begins with Rohit having a conversation with competitors about who will be the victor. They all have a good time and Rohit makes sense of the principal stunt for Varun, Vishal and Rahul. A shaft with two banners is available on a level plane at the top. The candidate should creep on the shaft and ought to gather the two banners. Subsequent to gathering the two banners the challenger should arrive at the finish of the post where a tiny plate like stage is available. The competitor should remain on the plate and ought to leap to get the third banner that is hanging in air. When the challengers gathers the fjord banner the trick gets finished. First Vishal plays out the trick and effectively finishes it. Next Varun plays out the trick and finishes it as well. At long last Rahul's turn comes however he was unable to step on the post because of his back issues. He cuts short the trick. Accordingly Vishal and Varun gets protected while Rahul gets dread funda for disposal stunt.

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12

Rohit gets some information about the progressions Khatron Ke Khiladi have brought to their life. They say how they moved past their little apprehensions because of the show. Rohit reports the following trick for Arjun, Divyanka and Shweta. A labyrinth is shown and the contender will be locked inside the labyrinth. The competitor should go through a stage with as of now passing wires hanging above. The challenger should pass a railing where current passes at the top wire. In the wake of passing the railing the challenger should pick the vital holding tight the ongoing passing wire. In the wake of gathering the key, the hopeful must again pass the stage with current passing wires hanging and ought to arrive at a case. A key will be available in side the case with current passing wires tied around in an untidy manner. Subsequent to gathering the subsequent key, the hopeful should pass one more stage with flow and arrive at a little water tub with momentum passing board on top of the water. Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 

Rohit attacks Rahul and Shweta for cutting short tricks in finale. He begins making sense of the disposal stunt for them. An aerobatic plane is shown and the challenger will be available inside the plane. The speed and gymnastic performer of the plane expands like clockwork. The challenger should clutch the red button close to their chest and the second they let it go a white gas emerges from behind implying that the trick is finished. The challenger who stays in the plane for additional time will turn into the champ. First Rahul plays out the trick and surrenders it in 5 min and 27 Sec. Next Shweta plays out the trick after heaps of compelling from Rohit and individual hopefuls. She surrenders it in 9 min and 9 Sec. Shweta arises our as champ and gets alleviated of her trepidation funda. Rahul gets disposed of and joins Abhinav and Sana as allies for the contenders.

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12  The competitor should slither in the water and ought to gather the third key on the flow passing board being inside water and emerged. Again the competitor needs to pass the ongoing passing stage and ought to arrive at one more railing with key on current passing wire. Subsequent to gathering the key, the same way they did with the first, the competitor should arrive at the entryway where the last fifth key will hang with current going through it. In the wake of gathering the fifth key the competitor should open the lock of the entryway with one of the five keys and emerge from the labyrinth to finish the trick. First Arjun plays out the trick and finishes it in 25 min and 17 Secs. Next Divyanka plays out the trick and finishes it quickly. At long last Shweta plays out the trick yet cuts short in the center. She gets dread funda and joins Rahul in end stunt.

There later, Vishal, Varun and different competitors show their secret ability.

First Stunt of Semi Finale

Presently it's the ideal opportunity for the primary trick of Semi Finale Week.

Stunt: It is a submerged trick where a challenger should go inside a passage which is submerged. He/she should navigate from the beginning stage to the end point of the passage. During this, he/she should cut all the wall with the given shaper and emerge from the end point.

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