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Embassy Springs Villa Plots Price

By luxuryresidences at 2022-05-10 • 0 collector • 110 pageviews

Embassy Springs is a ready to move project in Devanahalli , Airport Rd, North Bangalore that offers configurations of Plots & Villas.

Embassy Springs is developed by Embassy Group

Some of the amenities of Embassy Springs are : kids pool, wet play area, open event area, large football ground, games room, health club, mini theatre, music & dance studio, guest suites.

Floor Plan/ Size / Configuration details of Embassy Springs 

Total No. Of Plots : 142

Total Land Area : 18 acres

Plots Size : 2249 Sq. Ft. - 5405 Sq. Ft.

Explore more details about the embassy springs projects, prices, floor plan, images, brochure pdf, location, address etc.

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