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Hose Fittings Suppliers Introduces Hydraulic Hose Connection Requirements

By cnshundayuyao at 2022-04-19 • 0 collector • 60 pageviews

Hose  Fittings Suppliers introduces  the connection method of hydraulic hose:

1.  The inner and outer threads of the quick connector can be connected with the  hose only after using the transition joint or the adapter.

2.  No matter there are many kinds of hose joints, it is necessary to choose how to  use transition joints according to the type of hose joints. If the hose is an  ordinary water pipe, it should use a transition joint, one end of the inner  tooth, one end of the water pipe, and then fixed with a throat hoop. If the two  ends of the hose are internal teeth, it should be used with the transition  joint, one internal tooth and one external tooth. If the two ends of the hose  are external teeth, it should be connected with the transition joint, and the  internal teeth will be straight.

3.  Generally, hydraulic quick-change joints need to withstand high pressure.  Therefore, in most cases, high-pressure oil pipes are used. In most cases, both  ends of the oil pipes are internal teeth, so they should be able to be connected  directly.

4.  As for the hydraulic joint, there is no need for other rubber rings to seal, and  the product itself is concave at one end and convex at the other end, which can  be completely sealed after connection.

Through  the above introduction, Hydraulic Adapters Wholesaler hopes that you can simply  refer to the content of this article in future use.

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