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Choose the right controller for working voltage

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As the world's leading inverter and battery company, we offer you the Zelio+ Power inverter family, one of the smartest home inverters in the world. You get state-of-the-art features such as a digital display, mains bypass switch and MCB safety at an affordable price. Dual-battery solar chargers can charge 2 batteries at the same time, and are generally used in RV solar power generation systems to charge RV starter Solar Batteries and RV main batteries.

Usually does not have a load output function. It surpasses the capabilities of most other inverter models thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app. Connect your phone to the internet and see key information like Zelio WiFi's available backup time, battery level, operating load, voltage, and more, no matter where you are. The working principle of the MPPT charge controller. The MPPT control is generally completed by the DC/DC converter circuit.

The photovoltaic cell array is connected to the load through a DC/DC circuit, and the maximum power tracking device continuously detects the current-voltage change of the photovoltaic array. Knowing your load requirements is critical to finding the most efficient backup power solution. Here, you have to keep two things in mind - power requirements and volt-ampere (VA) ratings. Power Demand: The total power consumption of all appliances you want the power inverter to run on. To perform maintenance checks on the home inverter battery, it needs to be fully charged.

Again, it is necessary to ensure that the battery has been charged for 10-15 hours with a suitable inverter or external charger before going through the battery health check regime. The inverter has been removed from the front panel and also needs to be removed from the wall socket before checking the battery health. MPPT, which stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking, is a technique for tracking and regulating the output energy from solar panels to batteries.

MPPT detects the output voltage and current of the solar panel in real time, continuously tracks the maximum power (P=U*I), and adjusts the output voltage accordingly, so that the system always charges the battery with the maximum power. Wet Batteries vs. SLAs: Wet batteries have lower cost of ownership than SLAs (sealed LED acid), but they require higher maintenance. On the other hand, SLA batteries have a much shorter lifespan and require much less maintenance, but they also cost a lot more. Therefore, although SLAs are more expensive, they generally offer a better return on investment than wet batteries.

The functionality of these home best inverters can be monitored via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. A mobile app available on IOS and Google Playstore can be easily downloaded to a smartphone and connected to the inverter to monitor the performance statistics of the inverter battery. The main types are ordinary type, economic type, 12V/24V self-contained type, MPPT type, App control type, high power type, 48V type.

Solar Panel Voltage. For Solar Panels, we need to pay attention to operating voltage and short circuit voltage. The working voltage is generally 18V, 36V and so on. If the working voltage is 18V, the short circuit voltage of the solar panel should be 22V, also if it is 36V, the short circuit voltage should be 42V. You need to choose a suitable controller according to the working voltage of the solar panel. Usually, when you buy a solar panel, you will have all the parameters accordingly.


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