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This is additionally valid for NBA 2K22

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Within NBA 2K22, MyCareer badges are among the most important tools that will help differentiate poor players from the top players NBA 2K22 MT. You will struggle to find success on MyCareer without having any locked and equipped badges.

Playing MyCareer games is a typical way to earn badges for 2K22, but the Practice Facility is another option that will help you earn their badges as quickly as possible. With that said Here's a tutorial on how to use your practice Facility to increase your badge points earning potential.

Early on in MyCareer You will notice training sessions appearing on your schedule. This is where the options are limited as it is impossible to select the type of drill that you'd like. In essence, all drills during these practice sessions are assigned to you by the coach, and many drills don't offer the most effective or time-efficient ways to earn badge points.

Therefore, some players may opt to avoid these initial sessions in favor of earning more VC using MyCareer activities instead. But, it is recommended to ensure that you do not miss all of your drills because certain drills offered by coaches include a 2x and 3x multiplier for badge points, making them an excellent choice.

The realm of Practice Facility begins to open when you gain the option to select your own exercises. This usually happens after you've played 10 MyCareer games without simulating Buy 2K MT. This is a crucial step you shouldn't ignore, particularly in the beginning in MyCareer because it helps you get badges in the quickest time possible.

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