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The new Charli XCX merch is hot! The pop star just tweeted about it

By charlixcxm at 2022-04-12 • 0 collector • 85 pageviews

Charli XCX Merch Is Hot!charli xcx merch

The new Charli XCX merch is hot! The pop star just tweeted about it. She answered a fan's question about thongs and posted a picture of a black douche embossed with her signature. XCX is signed to Warner Music through Uproxx, a subsidiary of the company. Hopefully the new merch will be as hot as the new album!

Gay fans of Charli XCX are especially excited about the new merch. The singer has a huge gay fan base, and has done a lot to make them happy. Recently, she's signed enemas and bottles of poppers. Now, she's selling her own merch to thank them. Her fans reacted to this news on Twitter. But will her new merch line be anything like the enemas and thongs that fans are demanding?

Charli XCX Announces New Merchandise

If you love Charli XCX and are ready to get her latest merch, you should definitely do so. The singer teased fans of her new album with the announcement of a merch line. Fans are excited for the release of her fifth studio album, CRASH, due out March 18. If you want to get a piece of Charli merch, you should read on!Charli XCX Pillow

A fan recently tweeted that Charli XCX is planning to sell douches, a genital cleaning tool. The singer also hinted at her new merch line when she said that the merchandise would be so hot, "u're all going to die!" Charli replied to the fan, stating, "No, but I'm not selling thongs. But, I do sell douches!" She later added a photo of a black douche and said that she had autographed it.

Charli XCX Merchandise

If you're a fan of Charli XCX, you're probably looking for Charli merch. The singer has released several items in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, keychains, stickers, and more. Here are some great examples. You can even order your very own keychain! Charli merch is available on Uproxx, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

The singer is planning a merch drop for her fans, which could include douches embossed with her signature. She teased fans of her new line by tweeting "merch so hot u'll die!" and adding a photo of herself with a douche. While the singer denied selling thongs, she did tweet a picture of a black douche with an autograph on it.

Charli XCX Cloth

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