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The Viscous Cycle of Support Services Sectors in UAE

By ruthann at 2022-04-02 • 0 collector • 188 pageviews


The United Arab of Emirates (UAE) has always been attracting distinct economics from all over the world. IT Support The one of the main reason behind the growing opportunities is due to its diverse location as the country lies on a peninsula of Southern Coast region in the Gulf of Arab. 

The country shares its borders with Saudi Arabia from South & West and from East by Oman. While, from the north side, Iran is the closest country. 

The UAE covers a total area of 83,600-kilo meter including more than 200 islands. The Capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi whereas Dubai is the Capital hub of businesses.

It is a complete viscous cycle. The main reason for expanding of UAE lies with the growing sector that contributes to an economy of the country. 

This attracts more and more businesses to invest and further creating demand of providing services to support a smooth working of these businesses. One of the few support services sectors is- online support, HR administrative support, IT support, Cyber support, and many more. In this article, we have discussed the two major support industries.

The United Arab of Emirates has a vivacious open economy with an important part of its income earning from exports of oil and gas and expansion of Information and Technology (IT) industry. 

Productive efforts have been contributed continuously to make a diversified strong support service sector by not just limiting to manufacturing industry but establishing cyber support industry of the country. 

The adoption of free zones programs has also played a significant role in the diversification of policy making and giving a boost in employment levels.

The rapid growing Information and Technology sector in UAE is driven by the demand of service support companies. This is the main reason behind the double-digit growing number of IT support sector in UAE. 

The revenue is determined by the launch of several international and national projects in infrastructure and utilities. Increased investments in enterprise applications, infrastructure consolidation, and revival of existing infrastructure.

Has led to the establishment of largest macro-market while installation, support, and outsourcing services that have also seen strong growth. The initiative of new projects in distinct sectors like networking, consulting, and integration services have helped the IT support sector.

The development of mega projects in smart cities, international infrastructure, and utilities are likely to provide long-term growth of the United Arab of Emirates Information and Technology support market. 

Moreover, the shortage of skills and the force to generate the capacity for IT support has spurred the acceptance of outsourcing services, which in turn will add further demand.

There is unlimited IT support in the Middle East hosted and provided by domestic and international companies like Microsoft Support Centers. 

Microsoft Support in UAE has launched many services including portable USB chargers, speakers and headphones with the latest technology. The organization not only provides hardware or accessories support but also provide software supports to IT companies in order to maintain their services to protect companies from various cyber threats.

With the expanding sector of IT, the need for skilled cyber support, who can deal with in all aspects of IT support. The evolving demand of installing complex managed wireless networks infrastructure to solving the difficult computer faults, all require dedicated cyber support. 

These cyber support sectors work on a flexible approach that supports the organizations in a way that they suit the specific needs of the businesses.

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