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Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, Location Map & Booking Details

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Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, Location Map & Booking Details

The Pakistani Smart City Project, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Holdco, is planning to open another Smart City in Pakistan named Lahore Smart City. It will be the second Smart City in Pakistan. After Capital Smart City Islamabad’s success, a second Smart City will be constructed in Lahore. Investors and individual purchasers would have a chance to realize their ambitions of living

The Federal Department for Highways and Large Dams (FDHL) announced on September 22nd that it has purchased 22,000 acres of land along Lahore Bypass. The residential complex is currently being built. FDHL has applied for a construction permit with LDA, which is anticipated to be approved shortly.

Location of Lahore Smart City

Investors and individual buyers are both interested in location. Everyone wants to put his money into a lucrative investment opportunity. The first thing anybody notices is the low price, followed by ease of access. Lahore Smart City is located at Lahore By-Pass, which is easily accessible via major roads such as GT road, Motorway, and Lahore Ring

The Lahore Smart City Master Plan

No specific information regarding the master plan of this housing project was given out by the management. It’s genuine knowledge, though, that it will have a Smart Economy, Smart Housing, and a Smart Environment.

The society is expected to be formally erected in a couple of weeks. However, the administration has already released pre-sold plot prices. The society will be split into two major divisions: the Executive and Overseas Blocks. The Executive block is intended for end customers and investors.

The residential property is available in various sizes such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla. Currently, the plots are limited in number. The overseas Pakistanis will qualify for a plot only if they reserve a plot in the Overseas block. On the contrary, the general residents can buy a plot in a residential or executive block without a lucky draw.

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