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Luxury watches are constructed from top-quality, shiny materials with exquisite finish. A routine professional cleaning and service is recommended, however you could also perform some of the maintenance yourself. Here are some tips about taking care of your high-end watch.

How to Clean Correctly

Even with a nearly airtight watch the exterior may be dirty and cause a less than perfect interior . Sweat and dirt build up over time and can eventually cause corrosion to e branded watches like Maurice Lacroix watches (ساعات موريس لاكروا), and this can greatly lower the value of the watch. Watches that are water-resistant can be cleaned with the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Water-resistant watches are really easy to clean as compared to watches which are not water.

Clean Jewels with Care

Watches that are luxurious (particularly made for women) typically feature precious stones like rubies and diamonds. You must take care of these exquisite pieces the same way as any other piece of jewelry to ensure they look as good as they can.

For cleaning bejeweled Prada (برادا) watches look up specific guidelines to clean the gems that are on the watch. Regular visits with a professional cleaning service could be necessary as well.

A Regular Service is a Must

If you have a collection that is full of sentimental or financial value, regular watch maintenance is essential, regardless of whether the warranty is over.

It's recommended to have your high-end watch maintained (or "overhauled") in an expert maintenance center every 3 to five times. If your watch appears to be in perfect condition, then you could or alternatively, have it serviced every 8-10 years.

The time between visits will be longer when you own and frequently wear a diver's or other watch that is sporty. Other signs that it's time to have a look include visible signs of moisture in the case, a vague second hand, as well as other obvious deviations.

You must research the right insurance coverage

A collection of expensive watches (or even one luxurious watch) is an important financial asset. If loss, theft or damage is a possibility, think about the possibility of insuring your collection.

Watch insurance, as with all other insurance, requires a lot of the time to research. There are many options and choosing the right one is a lengthy and thorough research. Conducting extensive research about insurance for watches, is time well-spent.

If you have insurance for your home or contents policy, contact them or look over the details of the important personal items section. It is possible that you are already protected and you just have to add your luxurious watch to your personal list.

Based on the policy however it is possible that you could be vulnerable to damages or losses for your watch beyond your home.

If you want a more specific insurance search for jewelry insurance that will cover the jewelry specifically. It is possible that you will need to have your jewelry appraised on a regular basis to qualify for this kind of insurance.


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