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Where can I buy UPC codes for my products?

By merleshay at 2022-02-17 • 0 collector • 141 pageviews

Upc Barcodes For Sale, Authentic UPC/EAN Barcodes. Lifetime Guarantee. Accepted Worldwide including Upc Barcodes For Amazon, eBay, Retailers across the world.

What Is An EAN?

An EAN (European Article Number). Also known as (International Article Number) Is the barcode system used outside of Canada and the United States. The only difference between EAN and UPC codes is EAN consists of 13 digits and UPC consists of 12

What Is A UPC?

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is basically a barcode with 12 numbers. The combination of numbers is what makes them unique and identifiable. This allows both online and offline retailers to identify and track sales of your product within their inventory system.

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Why Do I Need A UPC EAN Barcode?

If you intend to sell your products with a retailer or online marketplace such as Amazon/eBay then you will need to purchase these so they can identify your product from all the other products they have. Without them they will not let you list.

What Is The Difference Between UPC And EAN?

EAN(13 digits) can be used anywhere around the world even USA and Canada in some cases but UPC (12 digits) are mainly used in USA and Canada. The codes we provide can be have both the UPC and corresponding EAN code.

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