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Banjo Elbow Supplier Explains How To Use Hose Fittings

By cnshundayuyao at 2022-02-10 • 0 collector • 133 pageviews

For hydraulic hose fittings, it is very important to maintain the pressure and tightness of the hydraulic system, which is mainly achieved through the contact surface of the connecting piece. Banjo Elbow Suppliers introduces four types of hose fittings:

1. Taper thread seal: After the inner and outer threads are connected, the seal is formed by the mutual extrusion of their tooth profiles
2. Soft seal: There is an O-ring on the external thread, through which it is extruded on the mating surface of the internal thread to form a seal, often used in high pressure systems, typical joints such as ORFS
3. Metal sealing: The sealing is achieved by squeezing and deforming each other through a certain angle of the metal contact surface.
4. Metal seal with O-ring: This sealing form is a combination of the front 2 and 3 seals, the metal slopes squeeze each other to seal, and the O-ring is deformed to form a seal. This sealing form is especially suitable for high-pressure hydraulic pressure. System, typical joints such as DKOL, DKOS.

Through the above introduction, Hose Fitting Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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