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How to pack hair products in a better way?

By johnwitcher at 2022-02-10 • 0 collector • 221 pageviews

 Packaging is one of the most effective ways to boost sales. A better quality packaging decides your fate in the respective industry of your product. No matter what the product is, every industry demands the need for high-end packaging in order to survive. The competition keeps growing. Every industry is flourishing. Consumers invest and purchase a product that is able to reside in their hearts. Therefore, quality and attractive hair packaging is your way to subside in the hearts of your customers. People are very selective about the products they purchase. Moreover, many people end up making a purchase because the packaging captivated them.

Enhanced branding with custom hair packaging:


Hair extensions are one of the most demanded products nowadays. Its use keeps increasing day by day. They are in trend globally. Bearing in mind the ongoing demand for hair extensions, many manufacturers have joined this industry. Therefore, the competition and need for a brand to stand out amongst others keep growing.

For a brand to sustain this competition, it is sufficient that they work on their packaging. Nothing helps a brand establish a better branding than good packaging. Many manufacturers choose to personalize their hair packaging boxes. This helps them maintain a good brand worth and image in the market. The packaging stays in the eyes of the people. Eventually, your custom hair packaging boxes wholesale will increase the popularity of your brand. By using the elements below, you can easily customize your custom hair packaging.

Select a packaging material:

The material you select will depict the quality of your packaging. Choosing a trustworthy packaging company is paramount for this purpose. Moreover, your material will be a shield for your hair extensions. Moreover, ensuring a safe shipping process is a brand's responsibility. This shows your loyalty and consideration towards your customers. However, safe shipping can only be ensured if the material is of high quality. The ideals for this purpose are Cardboard and Kraft stock. Every industry trusts these stocks for packaging purposes. Moreover, you can even adjust the thickness of your custom eyeliner boxes and add layers to them. These stocks are highly eco-friendly. This means that they cause no harm to the environment and can be recycled. This will showcase that your brand is considerate about the well-being of the environment.

Pick a unique box style:

There are multiple box styles that can be used for packaging purposes. The advancements in technology have helped manufacturers come up with innovative styles for your hair packaging boxes. You can customize any box style to any shape or size. There are no restrictions. You’re completely in control of your custom hair packaging! Box styles such as tray and sleeve, two-piece hexagon boxes, and pillow boxes can be the perfect fit for your hair packaging boxes. They are wide and spacious. Moreover, you can adjust its size according to your requirement.

Utilize add-on features smartly:


There are many add-on features that you can utilize to smartly design your custom hair packaging. Add-on features add value to your packaging. Hence, your packaging becomes more eye-infectious.

Embossing and debossing:

You can refer to them as magical elements. They give a 3D impression of the pattern of your hair packaging box. In simpler words, they add life to the overall outlook of your packaging.


Foiling can be used to enhance the logo of your brand or intensify the pattern. Gold and silver stamps are commonly used as they give a very subtle yet attractive look to your packaging. However, you can customize your foiling stamps to any color as well!


Your packaging is locked by a covering that gives a smooth and finished outlook to your custom hair packaging. This is called coating. You can choose matte, gloss, or aqueous coating for your packaging. All of them will seal your packaging and enhance its appearance. Choose the one which fits the best with your packaging!

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