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Recent trends in Eyebrows and Eyelash Industry

By pampertree at 2022-01-27 • 0 collector • 297 pageviews

No more making your cheeks red or lips pink because obviously, the mask will ruin all your efforts. All you have to concentrate on is the eyes and lashes. After Covid-19, the eye makeup industry was the only category in the makeup industry to have gained profits. Makeup flourished above the eye as only eyes were visible from a face mask. 

The State of Manchester saw many brows and lashes beauty centers, salons, and bars opening up. Alibaba, a China-based company, reported a whopping 150 percent hike at the start of February 2020. In contrast, as per BBC, in 2019, the eyelash extension industry has already contributed £28.4bn to the United Kingdom economy.

Recent trends in the Brows Industry  

In recent times, numerous trends have been added to the brow industry. They were not given much importance earlier as women didn’t know they made a difference. It was only a subject of interest for celebrities. Some notable trends like Instabrow trend, Scousebrow from the reality show called ‘Desperate Scoucewives,’ or the famous project Brews and Brows, where people come and share exciting stories about their brow in the Brow booth. Different eyebrow styles like the over-fluffy, ‘90s-inspired, colorful, soft- unibrow, brow lamination are some of the recent ones added to the long list of offbeat eyebrow looks.

What is new in the eyelash market? 

Old were the times where you applied some mascara to your lashes, and that was it. There has been an evolution in the eyelash makeup industry. For example, many salons and bars in Manchester offer Eyelash extension, Microblading, Russian volume lashes, eyelash tint, and eyelash perming. Mink, flat, cluster, laser, easy fan, pre-made customized lashes are some of the specialized types of lashes you can choose. 

Grooming Brows and Lashes in Manchester will make your appearance look fresh and enhance your features, so take notes of the above trends and hop on it. 

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