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Garage Door Sensor Replacement Wayne

By simogaragedoorllc2 at 2022-01-24 • 0 collector • 130 pageviews

Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement Wayne

A garage door sensor is an important part of the garage door that needs regular maintenance. You should contact a reliable service for that task. At Simo garage door LLC our reliable and experienced professional will do garage door sensor repair and replacement Wayne in a timely manner and do an excellent job. If you do not know the problem, you can leave it to us and we will do the garage door sensor repair and replacement Wayne according to the problem we find.

What is a sensor?

A garage door sensor is a photo-eye installed in the door. It detects the moment and opens and closes accordingly. Garage door openers may operate better when the garage door sensor is installed near the bottom of the door due to magnetic attraction between the sensors and the opener’s drive wheels.  And lastly,  the garage door sensor is hidden from view and not visible to prying eyes.

Malfunction in sensor

There can be several problems why your garage door sensor is not working like an electrical problem, alignment problem, photo-eye problem, or attachment issues. It is important to find the specific problem in the sensor for doing a garage door sensor repair and replacement Wayne. At Simo door LLC, we first diagnose the problem and then repair it.

The first step is to correct the alignment so the door does not crush anyone in the house. After that, we will check all the wirings of the sensor and the control board. We will repair and replace any kind of wiring that needs attention. We will also see if there is any physical damage to the photo-eye and then replace it with a new one.

You can contact us for any of our services through our website.

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