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Machine Learning Can Improve Your App Like Instagram

By narolainfotech at 2022-01-19 • 0 collector • 166 pageviews

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Machine learning (ML), a type of artificial intelligence (AI) enables software to predict outcomes. An ability like this is highly valuable in a social networking app like Instagram.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Instagram

Machine learning was put to the test when Instagram changed its feed algorithms. Based on what users were looking at, Instagram needed something to predict the right content for the right people. That something happened to be machine learning.

The machine learning software sorts through the information and is compiled. From this data, your Instagram clone app can give each user a valued personalized feed.


Machine learning can definitely play a leading role in your Instagram clone app development. Besides helping to moderate and eliminate spam and cyberbullying, it also works towards bettering the app. Applying machine learning to your app helps to enhance the user experience by providing content that is most appropriate based on a user’s requirement.

Source:  How Machine Learning Can Help Improve Your App Like Instagram

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