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Medical Vending Machine Company Introduces The Use Of Masks

By jingeaoningbo at 2022-01-19 • 0 collector • 231 pageviews

The microfiber material of the disposable mask is "blue on the outside and white on the inside". The blue layer on the outside has a water-repellent function and has a lotus leaf effect; the white layer on the inside is absorbent and is more "friendly" to the skin. When we use disposable mask manufacturers, we must remember that "blue on the outside and white on the inside" means that the blue is facing the outside, and the white is facing the nose and mouth, otherwise the droplets will be sucked back. The mask worn in the hospital should be thrown into the yellow waste bag of the yellow waste bin as medical waste. As a daily protective mask at home, even if you catch a cold, there are no harmful substances, and it can be recycled as dry waste under normal circumstances.

It should be carefully checked whether the masks and face shields are still intact. For gauze masks and face shields, the light transmission inspection method can be adopted, that is, take a look in front of the lamp to see if there are obvious light spots, and whether the light transmittance of the central part and the edge part is correct. Consistent, if in doubt replace with a new one. If the disposable mask manufacturer is wet with exhaled heat or saliva, its effect of blocking germs will be greatly reduced.

Medical Vending Machine Company introduced that the materials used for disposable masks are also relatively good, so friends who have used disposable masks can also directly feel the lightness and softness of the product texture, and there is no scratching feeling on the face. , the soft texture makes consumers willing to continue to wear such masks. At the same time, the skin of the face is also well protected when wearing a disposable mask.

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