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Dr. Stavros Economou: Plastic Surgeon with The Best Reviews In Cyprus

By drstavroseconomou at 2022-01-19 • 0 collector • 117 pageviews

Plastic surgery is the branch of medical science that requires a professional to be very precise and accurate in his working procedures. It is one of the most demanding fields of surgery. Along with increasing awareness and technology which is used for various procedures in plastic surgeries, the influx of people demanding to have their body parts aesthetically suitable and perfect is growing increasingly. If you have been thinking about a plastic surgery procedure like plastic surgery Limassol, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stavros Economou to clear all your doubts.

Dr. Stavros Economou is a board-certified Cyprus plastic surgeon who has been working in the field for more than 10 years. He provides several plastic surgeries for different parts of the body in Cyprus, Limassol, and nearby areas.

Dr. Stavros Economou earned his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and attended residency at Nicosia General Hospital during 2014-2018. During this time he gained a lot of experience in this field by undertaking some fellowships and working under the best plastic surgeons in Nicosia, Dublin, London, and Athens at different hospitals. Now he offers the best plastic surgeries and treatments like Vaser Liposuction Limassol at the Economou Medical Center. This has been made possible by the tremendous amount of learning which he got from spending time at several different training centers. Moreover, the inspiration came from his father Dr. Andrew Economou who is also the founder of Economou Medical Center.

Here is a brief overview of a few of the services offered by Dr. Stavros Economou:

Facial augmentation: Dr. Stavros Economou offers various types of augmentation and correction surgeries in this sector like facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, eyelid surgery, and other related procedures of face surgery.

Breast: Many clients have opted for the different types of breast augmentation surgeries provided by Dr. Stavros Economou. These procedures include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and related procedures. All of these operations undertaken by him are highly rated by completely satisfied clients and patients in their reviews.

Skin: This is also one of the most popular and opted procedures at their facility. The options available are skin cancer surgery, anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, and many related procedures to treat skin diseases

Body: There are various types of body augmentation surgeries available as well. You can go for abdominoplasty in Limassol, arm lift, thigh lift, liposuction, and fat transfer, buttock lift and augmentation, and other procedures.

For more information, visit https://drseconomou.com/en/

Original Reference: https://bityl.co/AYzE

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