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Misconceptions About NodeJS

By narolainfotech at 2022-01-19 • 0 collector • 195 pageviews

1.NodeJS is Not Secure

NPM released an enterprise edition of its package management last year. It is also known as NPME. The enterprise package manager allows node js developer teams to operate NPM’s infrastructure behind a firewall. It enables developers to filter out any unsolicited packages. As a result, big businesses shouldn’t be afraid about storing data on the cloud.

Furthermore, during the ‘npm install’ process, it will warn developers about any vulnerable packages. This prevents erroneous packages from entering the CI/CD pipeline.

This shows that NodeJS is one of the most secure programming environments available.

2. Low Performance

Nodejs app development is quite fast. Its single-threaded, event-driven architecture allows it to manage several connections at once.

When a user makes a request, many online platforms start a new thread. As a result, the RAM gets depleted, resulting in slower performance. NodeJS, on the other hand, uses the event loop and callbacks for I/O operations.

In Conclusion

There are some myths regarding NodeJS that you must debunk before implementing its approach in your company. You must hire Nodejs developers team that is updated on the technology and doesn’t fall for the above-mentioned misconceptions. Our developers will guide you in the right direction for your development process.

Source:  What Are Some Misconceptions About NodeJS

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