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Extended Life for Commercial Freezer

By bailing at 2022-01-18 • 0 collector • 130 pageviews

Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Freezer

1.  Check the fan, compressor and evaporator
Commercial freezers circulate cold  air to store frozen foods at ideal sub-zero temperatures. But they can only do  this with proper air circulation, which requires a working fan, compressor and  evaporator to generate cool air and ideal food storage temperatures.

The number one culprit for high freezer temperatures is dust buildup on  fan blades, which reduces cooling capacity and increases energy consumption as  freezers work overtime to keep cool. Not only will this cause your utility bills  to skyrocket, but it will also push your commercial freezer to the point of  failure.

2.  Clean the coil
Evaporator coils can become clogged with dirt and dust,  reducing their efficiency. To restore the functionality of commercial freezers,  be sure to clean these freezers regularly, including removing frost to maintain  ideal food storage temperatures. Also, check your defrost system and make sure  it runs a defrost cycle regularly to remove frost and keep your commercial  freezer running smoothly.

3.  Check and clean the door gasket
In a busy commercial kitchen, especially  during peak service periods, it is simply impossible to limit the number of  times the freezer door can be opened and closed. Kitchen staff need to quickly  retrieve and store ingredients and cooked food from cold storage, but this  should not result in the freezer being opened and its contents exposed to warmer  room temperature air.

Prolonged exposure of the freezer to hot air can cause moisture, which  can cause frost and overwork the compressor to restore the ideal temperature.  This has led to a surge in energy bills. Elevated temperatures can also affect  food safety, as frozen foods are not stored in ideal sub-zero  conditions.

To  prevent these from happening, remind kitchen staff to immediately close the  doors and press them to ensure the hinges re-tighten and seal. Likewise, check  door gaskets to make sure they remain a tight seal, and replace broken, cracked,  or worn gaskets immediately to seal out cold air and keep hot air  out.

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