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How to write an exemplification essay

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An example of something can be called exemplification. In an exemplification article, you will often give examples to support your generalization. An example is used as supporting material to explain and clarify the generalization.

Choose an exemplification essay topic. Simply put, which generalization do your aim to illustrate? It is likely that you have already compiled a set generalizations to help you build your essay. If you choose your own topic to study, you will need a generalization of the topic that you can back up with examples.

Find a purpose. What angle do you want the reader to see in your generalization? It will make it easier to select examples and write your thesis.

Think about the audience. What are the feelings of your audience regarding the generalization you're discussing?

Create a list containing examples that correspond to your generalization. Initialy list all examples that are relevant to your generalization. You'll be able to narrow them down later. Include anecdotes as well as statistics and any other type of examples.

Pick examples from this list that are relevant to you. It is important that all of the examples you select support the generalization. You don't want any that are not compatible with your purpose.

Create a thesis statement. The thesis should clearly state the generalization and provide examples.

A thesis statement should be included in the introduction.

You should create a well-constructed body to support your thesis. The body must support the generalization. The thesis should be at the heart of every paragraph.

Arrange your examples in a logical manner. You might need to categorize the examples you have if they are numerous so you don’t confuse your reader.

Transition words or phrases can help readers navigate your essay.

You should conclude the essay by summarizing its main points and reinstating the thesis. It is important to let readers know what you expect them to take away from your conclusion.

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