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Bales started the season with a record of 72-30

By skyzhay at 2022-01-16 • 0 collector • 139 pageviews

SELMA, Ind. -- Blue River girls basketball Mut 22 coins has been a regional Class A strength for the last three seasons.

The Vikings (3-2) have won three consecutive sectional championships, as well as a regional championship for 2020 as the head coach Terry Bales took over the program in 2017-18. Prior to Bales Blue River's most recent sectional title came back in 1984 and 1985.

Bales started the season with a record of 72-30 that included a 22-4 (9-0 in the Mid Eastern Conference) mark the best he's had to date. The Vikings had two key players who were Mallory Cross and Abby Thornburgh in that squad, however it was Bales his team was given the task this season with replacing their 14.5 point average, 6.8 rebounding, in addition to 5.4 assist per game.

However, Blue River still has senior center Ally Madden, one of the area's best interior players with a sharpshooting junior Maci Chamberlin, as well as a strong depth around them to make yet another run at the tournament.

While four consecutive titles in the sectional championship could break the school's record in the process, the Vikings have some way to go toward being a definite postseason rival.

"I do not know, because we're still in mut coins madden 22 the process of growing. I'd like us to be an elite team capable of doing that. I don't think we're in the right place yet," Bales said of the team's chance at being able to win a sectional championship. "We've to figure out how to defend better ... take care not to get into the trap of making mistakes that aren't forced. There's a lot of growing to do. And certainly (a Sectional Title) is where we'd like to end up."

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