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It is important to address all the problems in the house before buying. It will give you a heads up and save you from a hasty decision. A Home inspector Orlando looks at areas of the home that may be causing problems in your home or building, such as electrical wiring or plumbing issues, air conditioning/heating units, roofing, drywall, floor coverings. Pillar home inspections provide a talented, skilled, and top-notch home inspector in Orlando that will provide you with the best service possible. In the end, you will be clear and stress-free about the house you are planning to buy.

Our 24-hour service

At pillar home inspections, we are only here to serve you. Our home inspector Orlando is here 24 hours for you. You can have a full inspection of the house or you can select an individual service, depending on the time, cost, and situation of the house. Our appointments are according to your availability. We will come to your house and complete the inspection in a matter of an hour. We make sure not to damage or dirt your house while inspecting it.


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