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Understanding How Cloud Technology Works

By sanapptx at 2022-01-10 • 0 collector • 112 pageviews

You have likely heard of the cloud, but do you understand what it is or how its function impacts you in the digital era?

How the Cloud Works

The cloud relies on virtualization in which resources such as memory, space, and bandwidth are pooled to overcome the limits of individual servers. Virtualization builds in redundancy should individual servers fail, allowing apps and websites to remain functional.

Virtualization existed for years before Google’s then CEO Eric Schmidt first used the term ‘the cloud’ in 2006. However, the technology did not have a strong reputation. The new, friendlier nickname changed that, and marketing enabled the cloud to become a household name and even more present in our daily lives.

Benefits of the Cloud

The increase in Cloud Server Hosting in Dallas was also made possible by increases in Internet speeds. Both mobile and home Internet connections are faster than they ever have been. This makes it possible to stream multimedia such as movies, music, and even video games, all of which are stored in the cloud. This was not possible before the broadband revolution.

But cloud technology is not just for play. Many companies rely on apps or even websites to run instead of installing software directly to machines. Thanks to the cloud and zippy connections, it is possible to engage in various activities online while saving very little data to your hard drive. Businesses have also been able to reduce hardware, electricity use, and even square footage by moving storage offsite to cloud providers that have discovered how lucrative selling cloud space can be.

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