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You might be surprised at the craftsmanship involved

By mille at 2022-01-10 • 0 collector • 273 pageviews

China is developing rapidly

Now any country in the world is flooded with this kind of Made in China - although China is a big production country, its level of technology is limited. "Thinking about how China invented artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is 'artificial intelligence lifelike sex dolls'

You might be surprised at the craftsmanship involved: the sex doll meticulously dyed her fingers red, hand-embroidered bikini stripes, and cast rubber with a hot iron rod. (Seeing how troublesome it is to make such a great black sex doll, I immediately researched the cost; the figure can run into the tens of thousands.) "It's the height of workplace irony," Kim Dong said. "You see all these women making these dolls for the desires of most men, but at the same time it's just a job for them."

Japanese Sex Doll Haruna

I am a college student in 1999, and my girlfriend is my college classmate. We have been in love since a long time ago, but one day, a super big cock came to the class, and my girlfriend became obsessed with his big cock. Since then, I have been estranged from me. I don’t go home almost every night. I have sex with that big cock every day. I feel frustrated with my girlfriend, so I completely broke up with him. One day I surfed the Internet aimlessly and learned about something called a sex doll, so I browsed a lot of stories about sex dolls. I was deeply in love with this product. I wrote the story between me and sex dolls. The novel is published on many websites. If you are a person who is emotionally frustrated, you can go and read my story. Maybe you will fall in love with sex dolls just like me.

'mini sex doll' classic film critic

"Sex Dolls" Film Critic Part 4: Saving the High-Class Prostitutes

Malika comes to London, England, and changes her name to Vicente as a call girl... Realistic sex doll Young Rupert works to save a prostitute. After meeting Vicente at a bar, she tries to convince her to change careers, but Virginie refuses... Qin Ni works for an organized, managed prostitution organization...

Once, the maid Raphael handed over a newly arrived underage prostitute Sophia to Virginie's care, and asked the thug Cook to drive the two into the mansion; unexpectedly, the client this time was a perverted couple. Father and son, father and son playing whore in the same bed as Silicone sex Doll son. The new Sophia couldn't stand the old man's quirks and fought with the old man. In order to save Sofia, Vicenza also attacked the father and son...running out of the yard, 

Anime TPE Sex Dolls Etsuko

Virginie lies to the prostitute Sophia is afraid of running away alone. Although very angry about Victory's mistake this time, the maid Raphael finally forgives her; but then Cook finds out through the hotel that Victory and Sophia were with a strange man that night, a black sex doll, Raphaelton. We have to punish Vicente severely... Then, the relationship between Vicente and the madam broke down completely... When Cook chased Vicente, Rupert rescued Vicente again...

Viccinie chose to leave London, and her former roommate Erretui broke the news to Rupert, who caught Victory on the train...

The movie actually has more content than it looks. Not only does it reflect the darkness faced by male sex doll torso workers, it also sparks thinking about a Redeemer who also needs to be redeemed. The first point of the film is very straightforward. , but the second point is very, very subtle. If you don't watch the whole movie carefully, you won't find the director's inner struggle with the details of the actors. . .

SE doll


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