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SAP RAR – BRF+ Integration

By aciinfotech12 at 2022-01-06 • 0 collector • 152 pageviews

Why Transparent Table

Sap Brim Services RAR account assurance includes reference to 9 standard choice tables in BRF+, in particular

Existing receivable record assurance

Existing income account assurance

IFRS15 income account assurance

Contract resource account assurance

Contract responsibility account assurance

Receivable change account assurance

Income change account assurance

POB assurance

SSP assurance

These 9 choice tables are spread across 2 BRF+ applications. The standard applications which have been utilized as layouts are FARR_AP_PROCESS_TEMPLATE and FARR_ACC_DETERMINE_TEMPLATE.

Generally, the record assurance is prescribed to occur at the POB Type level. Yet, because of the current plan of the client framework, the record assurance is intended to occur at every POB level and 1 POB is planned to 1 material and 1 organization code blend. This implies there are large number of passages in every one of the 9 choice tables referenced previously. This makes creation and support of information matched across every one of the 9 tables exceptionally lumbering, complex and mistake inclined.

All things considered, utilizing a solitary straightforward table which contains every one of the important fields from every one of these 9 choice tables and giving a support screen to something very similar, would facilitate the endeavors gigantically. The plan for the straightforward table is displayed underneath. A 2-venture support screen is likewise accommodated the table upkeep. The table is empowered for "Log Data Changes" in the Technical Settings – this is to give a similarity to the variant administration highlight which is accessible in choice tables on the BRF+ workbench.

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