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Maltida Hipsy The Girl Shatta Wale Gave as Reason for Revenge Rape On Burnaboy's Girlfriend.

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It is no news that Shatta Wale and Burnaboy have been on beef circle. Shatta Wale who is Ghana's street superstar had gotten angry over Burnaboy's refusal to pick his calls, this set him on a tirade, during his recent show in Ghana he said f*** Nigerians! Nigerians quickly got on his case many calling a local champion and other questioning why he hadn't blown to world wide recognition despite being exposed on Beyonce's platform with billions of viewers.

As his tirade continued Burnaboy took to Twitter to express decent over Shatta Wale for raping his girlfriend in Ghana. In response Shatta Wale admitted raping Burnaboy's girlfriend in a revenge rape... implying that Burnaboy had at one time raped Maltida Hipsy. No word has been heard from Maltida.

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Wonderful post. This post is one of the best posts according to my point of view. Your work is so good and impressive. Thanks for it getting over it

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the worst is Shatta Wales. play gartic phone with your friends, and find really good friends. don't as him

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