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Upgrading Filter Press

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1. Safety for workers

You put someone at risk every time you service your filter presses. Your system has been leaking hazardous chemicals continuously, which poses a danger to the workers who maintain and clean the filter press. You can reduce the likelihood of injuries to your workers by reducing the maintenance required for your filter. This will also lower your risk of expensive litigation. Choose Best Filter Press Manufacturer In Gujarat.

2. Eliminate the need to constantly replace filter cloth

Do you change your filter cloth every six months? Are you changing your filter cloth every few months? This is not the norm for efficient companies around the globe. Mott Porous metal filter elements are able to last for many years. Filter cloth can be replaced regularly to save time and money.

3. Longer Production Runs

Think about the time spent cleaning filters, changing plates, making adjustments, stopping because of poor cake release, cake hang-ups or cleaning your house because of leaks and bad plate sealing. Your system's downtime can mean you lose revenue. Time is money. Low-quality filter solutions are often avoided by companies that recognize the true cost of production. Quality filter solutions can pay for themselves in increased uptime, throughput, and productivity.

4. Increase Filtration Efficiency

Are you seeing solids downstream of your filter press often? Are there holes in the filer cloth? Bad seal in the gasket Cloth not sticking to the plate How long do you spend fixing your system? It is possible to make every adjustment you wish to your filter press but it is very difficult to achieve greater than 5 micron retention and 99% efficiency. Mott Porous Metal can achieve a 0.2 micron efficiency. You can filter at higher temperatures than fabrics or polypropylene plates with a variety of media materials. They also offer great corrosion resistance.

5. Lower operating costs

Your initial cost for a filter system may not reflect the true cost. The cost of running a filter press can add up to a lot of money in terms both labor and energy. Filter press systems are expensive because of the high cost of operating your system and hydraulic fluids. Mott Filter technology makes it possible to install a filter without moving parts. Solids removal can also be measured in minutes and all of this can be controlled from your control room.

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