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Technical application of diamond blade

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The diamond blade comprises a plate and a knife body, the upper plate is provided with convex grooves along the disc edge, the upper convex grooves are evenly distributed with many dovetail grooves along the circle, disordered dovetail convex wedges are arranged in the middle of two adjacent dovetail grooves, and rib plates are arranged in the middle ring between the root of the convex groove and the bottom of many groove grooves. The upper knife body inhibits calcination and is fixedly connected to the convex groove composed of dovetail grooves, dovetail convex wedges and rib plates.

Diamond blade is a practical tool for precision machining, forming and repairing. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable precision. The enterprise laser cutting mouth of huma Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is vertical without burr, the cutter head is sharp, anti-wear, sufficient ductility and wound leveling. Especially when it is integrated into production and processing, it can not be broken, The company's application in the production and processing of diversified surface products and commodity products.

Main purpose

Integrated circuit chip integrated IC optical fiber line optical fiber laser cutting and milling; Production and processing of jadeite jade crystal crafts; Processing technology: production and processing of ceramic optical lens; Collection of medical specimens, production and processing of optical cable and cable connection; The silicone rubber sealing strip of the vehicle is broken, the polymer material frame of the injection molded parts with metal materials is broken, and other precious raw materials are cut and processed.

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