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What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing basically allows you to earn a commission by promoting products from other companies.

The affiliate is a reseller who earns a commission for each product he will be able to sell, a bit like offline resellers, that is, those door-to-door or those in call centers. I know, it doesn't sound very tempting, but trust me, it's completely different online.

There are 3 parties involved in this market.

    The advertiser , or the one who makes the advertisement available
    The publisher or the one who promotes the ad
    The consumer or the end user

Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of affiliations is that in the end, everyone wins!

    You are happy because you have earned your commission
    The company is happy because it has made a sale or received a new contact
    The user is happy because thanks to you he found what he was looking for

Doing affiliate marketing is not just about promoting and selling products created by others, but you could also be the one your own to affiliate product .

1. Getting started is easy

As an affiliate you don't need to create anything, you just have to sell an existing product, this will save you a lot of time and money.

Starting to work as an affiliate is extremely simple, just sign up for the affiliate program of the product you want to promote, and get the link identifying your account , which will track through cookies all the user's movements .


    You won't have to spend time and money to create a product
    You will not have to buy physical products, let alone have a warehouse to store them
    You will not need to manage an eCommerce and any payments
    You won't have to deal with customer support

Basically your only task will be to be able to bring quality traffic to landing page the product , for the user to convert . You can even learn affiliate marketing through best affiliate marketing training 2022.

Through affiliates you can earn commissions even higher than 70%, it depends a lot on the type of product and the network.

2. It is  easy to grow up

Not having to personally create the product to sell, it is extremely easy to test different solutions and find the one that best suits you.

In addition, you can also start multiple campaigns at the same time and devote all your energy to promotion.

3. There are no access limits

No previous experience or skills are required to start working in this field.

Of course, being an web designer or web marketer expert will certainly benefit you not a little over the competition, but I can guarantee you that many successful affiliate marketers have started from scratch, it just takes a lot of effort and perseverance.

You will learn how to best optimize your campaigns in the field. Surely at the beginning you will not get the desired results, but with each mistake you will have a greater awareness of the right path to follow.

The only skills required to get started are:

    Basic use of computers and internet
    Determination and perseverance
    Learning ability
    Patience… a lot of patience

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