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Air purifiers are very few on the list of recommended

By cuzisawefe at 2021-12-17 • 0 collector • 128 pageviews

Americans spend approximately $ 250 million a year on home air purifiers, with asthma and allergies accounting for the majority of sales. However, research and scientific tests have shown that many refineries are completely ineffective and can be harmful.

However, the concept of purifying the air has its advantages. The air inside a typical home is generally more polluted than the air outside, as the home can be a source of air pollution. Moisture can lead to the development of mold and mold spores. Forced air conditioning systems circulate dust particles and bacteria throughout the home. Pets strip and skin, and smokers send toxins into the air. Pollen and other allergens from outside can pass through open doors and windows and get caught in carpets and upholstery.

In short, almost invisible, the air around us is full of particles and pollutants like the ones above, and microscopic allergens and other irritants affect our body, such as cough, which can be a problem because it can give and cause physical symptoms . They can also cause serious illness. So how can an air purifier help us tackle those things?

Cody Stahl, Enviro Klenz Indoor Air Quality Specialist, explains: A high-efficiency filter that helps remove small particles like viruses and pathogens. "

Opinions are divided on whether air purifiers are really a reliable solution to prevent seasonal allergies. For one thing, they work to clear the air of what makes your child miserable. "Allergens in the air in your home can cause allergic symptoms, and air filtration can help reduce the amount of allergens in the air in your home and help with allergy and asthma symptoms," says Dr. Chen.

However, the best performance in tight spaces can be severely limited in functionality, expensive, and difficult to maintain.

"Air purifiers are very few on the list of recommended approaches to avoiding allergens in the home," says Dr. Stukus. "They do not work well with outdoor pollen allergens and the use of indoor allergens is very limited. Indoor allergens settle on carpets and furniture and do not stay in the air for long periods of time. With filter replacement. Also there is regular maintenance. "

A 2011 study found that HEPA purifiers at https://www.topairpurifier.org/dyson-hp04-pure-hot-cool-air-purifier-review/ have clinical benefits, especially in single-room settings. However, the general research is very limited in terms of its effectiveness. "There is not enough evidence to recommend an air purifier to control allergies in children," says Dr. Bergart.

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