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The Top 4 Bridesmaid Dress Trends to Know for 2022 Weddings

By vinctor at 2021-12-08 • 0 collector • 617 pageviews

Your 'maids will appreciate making them look so stylish. Whether you're using a large wedding party or you've recently needed to downsize or reschedule the wedding and need newer and more effective ideas, your bridesmaid gowns are just as essential as ever with regards to the overall feel and look of your big day. We're sharing the very best feeltimes bridesmaid dress trends to understand for 2022 because regardless of how you're celebrating, we all know you want your BFFs to appear their best. Choose your preferred trends and obtain shopping!

Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses

For maximum romantic vibes on your big day, floral print bridesmaid gowns are the answer. Prints and patterns have always been worn by maids of honor to face out from the remaining wedding party, but with regards to 2022 bridesmaid dress trends, the concept is to outfit your whole crew inside a sea of floral motifs. Have everyone wear the same dress if you would like a more classic look, or combine floral patterns for any boho, whimsical effect—just make sure to keep the prints in the same general color family.

Neutral Color Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone would be the days in which the color white (and it is similar counterparts) is reserved solely for whoever's wearing a marriage dress. It's the wedding, and that means you can choose to break this tradition by dressing your bridesmaids within an assortment of neutral colors, like taupe, eggshell, ivory, and champagne bridesmaid dresses. The result is an airy, fresh look for the wedding party—and you will be right on par with one of the very best bridesmaid dress trends for 2022.

One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

First came strapless necklines, then cold-shoulder styles, thin spaghetti straps, and today one-shoulder gowns. This asymmetrical neckline was super popular within the early aughts, and when we’ve learned anything about bridesmaid trends, it’s that people shouldn’t be amazed when things return into fashion. Consider this neckline for those who have a lot of bridesmaids, since it’s flattering for those body types and bust sizes.

Midi Length Bridesmaid Dresses

If neither maxi nor mini dresses are your things, there's a choice for bridesmaid gowns in 2022 that people think you'll love. It's midi dresses—silhouettes that hit mid-calf or simply below the knee. This in-between hemline is a demure choice that feels a bit retro yet modern at the same time. It's also extremely practical, as your bridesmaids won't need to bother about revealing too much inside a short skirt or tripping on the too-long dress.

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