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quilted artwork

By ikikai at 2021-12-07 • 0 collector • 152 pageviews

stepping out - quilted artwork

Product Story

Mixed Media (Quilted artwork).

Shipped rolled in an art tube.

Each artwork comes with an authenticity certificate from the artist

.price: ₹6,720.00

about the creator

Russi & Me products are created with an aim to bring  warmth to your home and joy to your soul ! Their creations include unique textile products for home using patchwork, embroidery and quilting. They make wonderful home products like quilts, runners, cushion covers, curtains, wall art including accessories like totes and bags making a perfect fit for ikikai curation.

 In today's world, bringing social change is hard. It's a road less taken. Creating communities in a world full of fragmented mindsets is for the select few, celebrating art and its creator is a forgotten reality. This is not about one person, one desire or one piece of art - it's about real change, a real community and real celebration of creators. we are ikikai - www.ikikai.co

for more visit: https://ikikai.co/catalog/product/view/id/4385/s/stepping-out/category/41/

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