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A Market Network where Virtual Tax Firm Owners and Tax Clients Connect

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Simplefuntax.com is an industry revolutionary online market network that connects our tax professionals in USA with tax clients based on expertise, experience, specialization, and preference. Versus the traditional public accounting trust-based client network, Simplefuntax.com introduces a specialization-based client network connection that provides more profitable clients and more qualified tax experts. Let’s talk about a scenario. Amy is a tax service provider with 5 years of public accounting experience. During the tax busy season, she receives a client request to prepare and file an individual tax return for $350 from Bob. But little do neither Bob, nor any other people know, Amy had 4 good years of experience filing partnership 1065 tax and had a lot of good knowledge in the marijuana farm growing industry. Should Amy be connected by a client that was in the marijuana farm growing industry and looking for a partnership tax filing, her service revenue would look like the diagram on the right.

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