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Problems with Wholesale Mist Sprayer Pumps Factory

By zjgsprayerfactory at 2021-11-18 • 0 collector • 133 pageviews

Let's see what might be the problem with your bottle

The nozzle of the bottle may be clogged-if your Wholesale Mist Sprayer Pumps Factory spray bottle contains oil or anything else that can harden, such as hair spray, you should clean the nozzle regularly. how? Unscrew and remove the cap, place it under hot water or dipped in vinegar, and then use a pin to poke a hole in any blockage in the nozzle itself. If you have hairspray in your bottle, soak the nozzle in alcohol. If the blockage is abnormal, unscrew the entire sprayer from the bottle and soak it in vinegar.
The spring may be broken-when you pump the piston but it does not retract, the cause may be that the spring is damaged or missing, but sometimes the spring just pops out of position. If you can use the spring, then you can replace it at any hardware store. If the spring cannot be reached or the piston seal fails, the sprayer needs to be replaced.
Everything seems to be fine, but very little liquid is dispensed-when the seal fails and the trigger works, the sprayer delivers very little liquid, and you can improve the performance of the sprayer by spraying vegetable oil.
It may be that the inner tube is not immersed in the liquid-the plastic tube connected to the sprayer is designed to reach the bottom of the bottle, but it often curls, and when the liquid level is low, the end protrudes from the liquid in the bottle. You can use 1-foot-long 1/8-inch plastic tubing from a hardware store to prevent the tubing from curling. Cut the existing pipe so that only one inch is left on the sprayer, then push the 1/8-inch pipe on top and attach the 1/8-inch metal nut to the other end. Even if you turn the bottle sideways or turn it over, heavy objects can keep the tube immersed in the water.
However, if it seems impossible to find out the problem with the sprayer, it is best to send out the sprayer and all other components and re-fix all parts to make it work.

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